Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickle Wrap Dip

I LOVE dill pickle wraps. They are always a treat! Because they take so long to make, I rarely make them. My grandma, who loves to have special treats for her grandkids, often surprises my sister & I with a tupperware full of them.

With the onset of Monday Night Football, I wanted to find some tasty dips to serve. I knew the dip version of the wraps would would be a great (and quick!) way to satisfy my cravings.

There are many versions of the recipe around - I based mine on taste, trying to get it as close to the wraps I love. I personally thought it was delicious, and everyone at the party seemed to agree!

(Sorry about the not-so-great picture - everyone was eager to eat!)


8 oz cream cheese
2 large dill pickles (the HUGE ones you buy in bulk!)
4 oz of corned or roast beef

Place all ingredients into a food processor & pulse until desired texture. (EASY!! No chopping or cutting required!)

Store in refrigerator.


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  1. I've never heard of a pickle wrap, but this dip looks great. Thanks!