Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Wreath

I can't believe Easter is only a week away! I've started having wreaths of some sort for every holiday on my apartment door, and enjoy trying to make something new. I got the idea for this from other blogs online. It's very easy to make (took me less than an hour, while watching TV). Even better than the time spent is the price - less than $5! I got 3 bags of 18 eggs at the dollar store. The ribbon was also from the dollar store, but it was priced 2 for $1. The grass was $0.29 at Target, and I the ring was cut from poster board also bought at the dollar store - but large enough to make 2 separate wreaths.

45-55 plastic eggs, depending on the size (I used 52)
Hot glue gun, and lots of extra glue sticks (I used at least 6)
Wired ribbon for the bow
Easter Grass
Cardboard for wreath form

Cut form for wreath. Mine was about 13-14 inches at the outer edge, and about 2.5 inches wide. If you use regular cardboard, you may want to make it double thickness for strength

Glue eggs onto outer edge of the ring - with the fat side of the egg being glued to the cardboard. Don't be afraid to use plenty of glue - glue onto the cardboard, as well as in between the eggs. (The strings from the hot glue will be hidden in the grass, so you don't have to be extremely tidy).

Glue eggs onto the inner edge of the ring - again with the fat side of the egg being glued to the cardboard. Make sure that any surface of the egg that is touching cardboard or another egg is glued. (It's OK if there is a small gap on the top - you'll place your bow there to cover it!)

Glue an additional 6-8 eggs on top of the other two rows. Not all gaps need to be filled.

Glue grass into all of the visible gaps (all spaced between eggs on the outer ring, and anywhere else the cardboard shows). The original directions said to use a pen/pencil to push the grass into the area, after you've placed the hot glue. However, I found that the grass wanted to stick to the pen too much. So, I placed the glue down - waited just a second or two, then pushed a clump of grass onto the glue with my fingers. Just be careful if you are going to use this approach - it is HOT glue. :)

Trim off any stray grass, so that it forms a nice shaped wreath

Add bow. I used some glue to help it stay in place.

Your quick & easy Easter Wreath should now be done!

My table for the Easter season.

You'll notice a stuffed bunny on the table - a Cadbury Bunny, to be exact. I've had this bunny for probably 10 years. If you press one of the feet, it says "Bok, bok, bok" like the old Cadbury commercials used to. One of my Dad's favorite stories to tell is at one of my first Easters, he would always ask me, "What does the bunny say?" And I'd always answer "Bok, bok, bok."

What can I say, I guess I have loved Easter from the start! Some of my fondest family memories take place at Easter - ALWAYS seeing the Easter bunny in my Grandparent's back yard (I never could figure out how the little gray/brown bunnies could get our huge baskets up into the apple trees). And huge Easter Egg Hunts with all of the cousins on my dad's side of the family.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. I love your wreath ideas! What a cute craft! :)

  2. I love this idea I am going to have to give this a try and see how it turns out thanks:)