Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

I realize this post is a couple days late. However, being on call the first day of the new year put a damper on my timeliness. I've been pondering the idea of starting a baking blog for awhile now, and recently decided to try it out for many reasons, including:

1) My sister & I had the wonderful idea of making cookbooks for our family members for Christmas that would include most of our traditional goodies. I thoroughly enjoyed baking & photographing each treat, and giving the books out to our loved ones. I've been photographing my other foods since that time, but did not have a way to share them.

2) My mother-in-law bought me the most wonderful cake cookbook for a Christmas gift, and I wanted another reason to bake each & every cake in the book. Cakes & cupcakes are my specialty. Until the past few years, I primarily enjoyed decorating cakes. Now, I also love experimenting with other flavors, fillings & frostings. I can't wait to try a new recipe, if only I can decide which will be first.

3) I wanted a new project for the new year. This past year involved many DIY projects including putting the finishing touches on our wedding plans, as well as projects around our apartment - painting, refinishing dressers, decorating our first home as a couple, putting down new floors, etc. But, as we do not own, I've completed all of the large projects to be done and need something new to put my creative efforts towards.

I hope you all enjoy my adventure. And as an FYI, I take baking & cooking requests from our visitors! (I'm really not trying to bribe anyone into visiting, just thought I'd give you all another reason to travel to Beantown.)

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